Changed World: Post-Covid Website Design Features

16 May 2021
couple participate in video conference

Repeated lockdowns brought about extreme trading restrictions. Providing an online service became essential in a business environment where inviting a customer onto your premises was illegal. And some habits die hard. It is, for once, not an overstatement to declare that the world has changed. 

Throughout the pandemic, RWD supported our clients with a range of online and web design features that communicated messages quickly and clearly and allowed for growth in online sales.

Consistent Messaging

The gradual re-opening of the economy following the repeated shocks of multiple Covid-19 lockdowns was a huge challenge for the government. For individual organisations, they needed to reassure their customers that their premises, products and services could be accessed safely and keep them informed of any changes. Our team of developers, graphic designers and copywriters helped ensure each client had accurate up-to-date messaging across their website. 

Action at a Distance

Business contact - in sales pitches, at expositions, in boardrooms - was understandably limited throughout the pandemic, and everyone quickly familiarised themselves with a technology whose time had come: Video-conferencing. 

Zoom experienced a boom. And it’s a feature that we expect to remain part of commercial operations. Being available for your business contacts and customers no longer necessitates schlepping across the city (or the country) to meet them in person. Live chat scheduling capabilities can even be integrated into your website.

macarons website on differnt devices

Online Sales

Some of our regular clients were able to use our services to radically change their business operations during lockdown. In line with government guidelines, Macarons & More had to repeatedly close two busy retail outlets in Norwich City Centre, but were able to avoid furloughing staff or making redundancies by increasing the offerings from their online shop and making local deliveries of ready meals and treats. Macarons & More owner Dr Tim Kinnaird left us this review on Google: 

"RWD are brilliant. They rebuilt our website and helped us move from small time/selling a bit online to No.1 on Google with our online sales now our primary source of income. They are responsive, clever and get things done on time."

Clients on our Digital Marketing Package were able to make changes to their website that reflected their changed business practices as they happened - expanding their online shops and informing their customers of new services.

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