Succinct Messaging for the Record Label for YouTubers and Creators

18 December 2023

lowave records mobile website

We were approached by record label lowave records to build a website advertising their services. They wanted the site to be a succinct pitch to content creators: sign to lowave records for free and receive copyright-free music made specifically for your channel.

Under the lowave records model, money is generated by advertising revenue paid by the streaming channels. The content creators send their viewers over to Spotify and label and artist share the income generated by the streams.

Simplifying the message

The website update has been an exercise of simplification from the previous site which was quite dense with exposition. We stripped the content right back to the key messages with a big emphasis on the testimonials from YouTubers and Twitch streamers who had already signed up and had amazing things to say about the quality of the music and the value of the service.

Atmospheric design

We stuck to the dark website style which is in keeping with the brand. It is moody, atmospheric and great to enhance lights and neon effects. It's a style which gamers and lo-fi or synthwave music fans feel comfortable with. We added video and animated features to appeal to the content creator audience.

We created the playlist album cover designs for the website and Spotify. These needed to be highly recognisable images, even at a small size, to help categorise the different genres of music available. These covers are necessarily less artistic than the ones the label produces for their content creator partners: the brief was to show simple concepts and make them recognisable and commercially oriented.

All about the music

The redesign has put the music and the content creators centre stage. Samples can be played from the website and the video testimonials are prominent in the homepage. The Content Creators page is all about lowave’s current artists. We promote their names, profile logos and their most listened to tracks. They are the record label success stories and a great selling point to engage other potential content creators.

The website looks interactive overall and the ultimate goal is for the user to listen to the music and meet the other content creators benefiting from the label’s services.

Callum Smith, Sales Director at lowave records left us a review on our Google Business Profile. He wrote:

“RWD take the time to understand your company and what it needs from a digital partner and help to ensure you are publicly represented in the best way possible. Working with the team was a pleasure and we couldn't be happier with our end product. Great company, great team, strongly recommend.”

If you’d like to work with a company that can take a fresh approach to your organisation’s digital presence, then give us a shout. You can call us on 01603 632552 to get started.

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