Settling Into the New Year: RWD’s Plans for 2024

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18 January 2024

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January is the time of year to leave behind all the bloat and excess of the festive period, wipe the slate clean and focus on what’s to come.

These are the big projects on our to-do list for the early part of this year

Launching Our New Website

RWD is a website development company. Our own company website is essentially a statement of intent: “If you want a sleek, fast loading website with straight-talking copy, beautiful design and easily navigable structure - look no further.” Watch this space for the launch of our latest iteration!

Marketing Cost Effective Custom Website Service

Last year we ran a project designing and developing custom websites for smaller businesses. We approached businesses that we had identified were paying through the nose for a platform like Yell or Squarespace and then doing all the work to update the website themselves.

Our offer of a custom website and updates package (for around the same price or less than they were paying) received a great response. We developed about 20 of these websites and we’ll be extending our marketing of this offer into 2024.

Mapping Help & Support

We have devoted hundreds of hours of development time to support the Kanndoo project. Their vision is to map all the help and support available to people living in poverty in the UK. We built the map and the website that explains the scope of the project. The next phase is to assist Kanndoo in populating the map by approaching organisations and telling them we’ve built the platform they have all been asking for.

Boosting Record Label Sign-Ups

Our work with record label lowave records is entering an expansion phase. We rebuilt their website at the end of last year. This year, we’re working with them to approach content creators that we think will be a good fit for the lowave model. They’ve recently signed some big names from YouTube and 2024 is looking like the year when this label will really take off!

Lots to focus on and look forward to. We’ve got a team in place that is ready for all the challenges. If you are looking for a website or a web application, we want to hear from you! You can call us on 01603 632552 or email to tell us what you have in mind.

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