Mobile and Web App to Map Help and Support for People in Poverty

01 February 2024

Kanndoo app on android mobile infront of a rainy day street image

What started out as a project to map help and support for homeless people in Norwich is gradually evolving into a tool intended to help everyone in the UK affected by the Cost of Living. The current iteration of the Kanndoo mobile and web app is a huge project for us - the whole team is involved in various acts of design, website development, software programming, market research, and database compiling with a view to a big launch of this project later in the year.

Kanndoo is a Community Interest Company founded by Trevor Smith. He was very interested in building technological solutions to some of the problems facing homeless people. Our initial brief was to build a website to publicise the apps he was working on. He was so impressed with our work on the website that he requested that we take a look at the apps.

We simplified the project into a single mapping app and shared the prototype software with local parties who we thought might be able to use it to help the homeless population of Norwich. To a person, they all asked: ‘Can this be made bigger?’ - ‘Can we use it to help more people?’

Adaptable and Scalable

At the heart of this project is an elegant database structure and an attractive and intuitive map design. It is totally scalable and for the last year we have been working on just that: building a mobile and web app that will serve the needs of people living in poverty by connecting them to the help that is already out there, but they may not know exists.

Market Research

As part of the research for this new phase of the project, we spoke to staff, volunteers and customers at a social supermarket. They all expressed great interest in the development of a map of locally accessible services. They were full of ideas about what kinds of services and organisations should be included and the best ways for the information to be disseminated among the target population.

One Map

The app is intended to be used by anyone who might need the services listed. Kanndoo imagines the app might be most useful in the hands of volunteers and workers at organisations that offer one kind of help who might not otherwise know where crucial support unrelated to their speciality can be accessed.

We plan to have all organisations and services featured on a single map so that anyone can find all the support listed in one place.


The design has to have an intuitive interface deploying instantly recognisable symbols such that a limited English language user should still be able to navigate it successfully.

Secure Admin Area

Ultimately, the plan is for the organisations themselves to log-in and update the database with any factors that might be subject to change (for instance - service times at a food bank). To achieve this requires a secure back end Admin area accessible by individual organisations.

All this work to be done on the app, plus a new website to develop means there’s lots to be getting on with prior to the launch. And once everything’s up and running and tested, we’ll have our work cut out to promote and operate the system. But - eyes on the prize - this application could have a really positive impact for those who are most in need.

Trevor Smith, Founder of Kanndoo said:

“Nothing is too much to ask of the team at RWD. This project has been through numerous iterations and changes of scope. RWD’s team of designers, copy editors and developers always deliver. I can confidently give them a broad brush outline of what I wish to achieve - knowing that they will fill in the details with their expertise.”

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