Booking Form Feature for Upgraded Motorcycle Garage Website

28 March 2022

Booking form on website

We built a basic website for Danny D’s Motorcycle MOTs and Repairs way back in the mists of time when websites were essentially service brochures. The website was hosted on our server and it served its purpose of letting people know what services they could expect. It also ranked well on Google for search terms like "Motorcycle MOT Norfolk". When he felt it was time to update his website, the owner of Danny D’s got in touch to see what we could offer.

We proposed a complete modernisation and redesign for the site, and the integration of an online booking form so clients could check availability and book their Motorcycle MOT slot while on the site. Under our system, the motorcycle MOT garage was able to spread the cost of a new website by signing up to an updates package.

We built a booking system and linked it to his preferred payment system, TakePayments. We made a centralised booking system with password protected admin access to the back end and the frontend website form that will be completed by users booking their motorbikes in for an MOT.

Behind the Scenes

On the Admin side, the team at Danny D’s can log in and do the following:

  • View all bookings made via the website, as well as manually entered ones
  • Set the operating days and times for the booking form on the website
  • Manually enter bookings which will then be reflected on the website as unavailable times
  • Manually block off certain days or times on a given date to prevent bookings on the website, such as if they are closed or have other appointments to attend to.
  • View calendar by Day, Week and Month.

What the Customer Sees

Through the website, the customer can access a form where the customer enters their bike's details, as well as their own details. They then choose their booking time and date. This pulls through the days and times as set by the Admin and automatically blocks off times where there are already allocated bookings/blockages.

The customer is taken to TakePayments to pay their deposit, then returns to the website where they get a thank you message and email. Their booking is then added into the Admin calendar automatically.

We always recommend using third party payment providers (such as SagePay, PayPal or TakePayments) as this avoids the potential legal implications of encrypting and storing debit card details.

The owner was very pleased with the results, he left us this review on Google:

“Outstanding service by all the guys. They made setting up our website very easy. Will highly recommend.”

Could your website benefit from a design refresh and the integration of interactive features such as a booking calendar? Get in touch via for a quote.

Take a look at the improved Danny D's website.

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